Let's start world wide online broadcasting, using the internet radio toolkit "Radiomaker.org" . Control panel "Radiomaker.org" is a beautiful and obvious way to create internet broadcasting streams, in a couple of clicks. There are some facts about the control panel "Radiomaker.Org": Creating own broadcast streams in "radiomaker.org" control panel, is simple. Control panel "Radiomaker.org" is a web site. It works over the internet. It's free. Many musicants has created their own internet broadcast streams in "Radiomaker.Org" panel. To be the part of "radiomaker.org" community, you must have an invite. To get the "invite" you must send the letter with invite-request to lubimki@gmail.com. Please write a few lines about yourself and your musical way in the body of the letter. They can reject this request. However, you still can ask for it again, from any registered Radiotaker.Org user. And finally create your own account on http://radiomaker.org. This is some features of "Radiomaker.org" Control panel: Making own internet radio broadcasting streams; Organizing the internet radio broadcasting streaming; Managing the internet radio broadcasting streaming; Create own radio shows, online media Interteyment and musical podcasts; Invite DJ's and partners; Share your broadcast stream and podcast in popular social networks such as: fasebook, vk, google +, Livejournal, Blogger, and others; Share with your streams with friends and partners; Set up access rights to any part of Radiomaker.Org toolkit. Interact with other members of the radiomaker.org, such as musiciants, producers, radio DJ's and others; And finally: Radiomaker.org was created for you. It brings the simpliest way in whole world, to find and manage new friends and partners in large internet radio family.